SCAN TO HELP: Emergency Security Assistance Label

  • in case of emergency contact label

SCAN TO HELP: Emergency Security Assistance Label


SOS Information Label.

Since accidents happen in the workplace, it’s important for employees to know who to contact in case of an emergency.

Having a reliable emergency scanning label system to keep this information intact can be of immense help in that regard. Security guards should be familiar with any emergency labels shared with them by their employer to ensure an effective reaction during an emergency. 

Think Safety

Promoting a safe environment and preventing injury in the workplace is a top priority for all employers.

Who Would Scan.

Ring 999 then scan the labels QR Code and phone the emergency contacts.
Ideal for first responders, workmates and businesses that want the correct department to be contacted in an emergency.

Open Locked Doors Securely

Ideal for the security services to monitor locked doors, ideal for delivery services to contact business key holders to deliver their products.

Camera App

Hold your device so that the labels QR code appears in the viewfinder in the Camera App. Your device recognises the QR code and displays your emergency information.

Where To Sick

Our emergency scanning labels can be applied to prominent areas around the business. In the event of an emergency, it is critical the labels are clearly displayed so they can be scanned immediately.

Sticker Application

Can be used indoors and outdoors - suitable for many smooth surfaces.
2 Hard wearing laser printed self-adhesive polyester film labels with extra strong adhesive.


Laser Printed the labels are designed to last, this ensures that your emergency labels will give you years of satisfaction whatever the situation, help will be available.
All of our custom Laser Printed Sticker Labels are professionally made here in the UK.Using only the finest tools and equipment - You can be sure of the quality.


A laser printer is a type of printer that uses a laser and electrical charge model instead of the traditional printing of ink onto paper. Laser printers have increased the neatness and sophistication of printing sticker labels.


Place your sticker anywhere with a clean surface and don't worry, it will not fade in the sun! Call Me For Help Sticker Labels.


Durable and versatile, Laser Stickers are a clever way to get store your contact details and health information to help in an emergency.


These high performance waterproof labels have a specially formulated adhesive that has been extensively tested for a prolonged amount of time, under highly severe weather conditions, in order to prove that they are suitable for use in a waterproof context - even outdoors.


Bold enough to be effective, yet small enough to be discreet. Can be used inside or outside the home.

Part of your WORK Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

The perfect gift for companies to provide quick and instant access to information.

A discrete and convenient way to communicate your emergency contact details, access details and important documentation.

No need to worry how the emergency services can contact your next of kin, boss or HR Department in an emergency or crisis!

No need to worry if the emergency services can access health information!

No need to search in phone books or trying to unlock mobile phone's!

The Emergency label is clearly marked with Emergency text and instructions so it will be noticed, especially if it is displayed on a door, window, van dashboard or mobile phone case.

The simple answer is to scan the emergency sticker label using a mobile phone camera and your business contact details and relevant information will be displayed on the screen.

Designed to scan with an iPhone or Android phone camera

Simple to use, cheap and affordable.

Stick in a prominent position (usually a door, window or van dashboard) within your business quarters.

All your business contact details or important information is held on the labels personal LASER printed QR Code, NOT on the internet.

Designed by specialists to give reassurance.

  • Do you own a van?
  • Are you a business that has locked doors?
  • Are you worried “What happens if…?”
  • Are you a worried boss or HR department?

Free postage for 2 labels that’s all it costs to contact business and display work information in a crisis.

Remember the labels are designed to display important details.

  • Next Of Kin Contact Details.
  • Medical Details Information.
  • Important Numbers For Emergencies.
  • Contact A Family Member.
  • Help Caring With Elderly Parents.
  • Social Care Information.
  • Alzheimer Patients Contact Details And Information.
  • Home Care Help.
  • Solicitor Contact Details.
  • Pet Care In An Emergency Situation.
  • Doctor Emergency Details Information.
  • Funeral Plan Information.
  • Health Visitor Information.
  • Home Carer Information.
  • Security Information.
  • White Van Man, Family Contacts