• in case of emergency contact label

Emergency Scanning Stickers



Scan the label, display next of kin contact details, personal information, important medical information, and emergency contact numbers.

Ideal for first responders, neighbours, and friends in an emergency.


We will NOT use or share any of your personal details with anyone.

Get your own Emergency Scanning Stickers today!

Part of your HOME Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

The perfect gift for someone who lives on their own or is a carer for someone.

A discrete and convenient way to communicate your medical conditions, allergies and emergency contact details.

No need to worry how the emergency services can contact your next of kin in an emergency or crisis!

No need to worry if the emergency services can access health information!

No need to search in phone books or trying to unlock mobile phone's!

The Emergency sticker is clearly marked with Emergency text and instructions so it will be noticed, especially if it is displayed on a fridge and inside the front door.

The simple answer is to scan the emergency sticker sticker using a mobile phone camera and your next of kin’s contact details or medical conditions will be displayed on the screen.

Designed to scan with an iPhone or Android phone camera

Simple to use, cheap and affordable.

Stick in a prominent position (usually a fridge and INSIDE your front door) within your living quarters.

All your next of kin’s contact details or important health information are held on the sticker personal LASER printed QR Code, NOT on the internet.

Designed by specialists to give reassurance.

  • Do you live on your own?
  • Are you a carer for someone?
  • Are you worried “What happens if…?”
  • Are you a worried friend or relative?

Free postage for 2 stickers that’s all it costs to contact your next of kin or provide health information in a crisis.

Remember the stickers are designed to display important details.

  • Next Of Kin Contact Details.
  • Medical Details Information.
  • Important Numbers For Emergencies.
  • Contact A Family Member.
  • Help Caring With Elderly Parents.
  • Social Care Information.
  • Alzheimer Patients Contact Details And Information.
  • Home Care Help.
  • Solicitor Contact Details.
  • Pet Care In An Emergency Situation.
  • Doctor Emergency Details Information.
  • Funeral Plan Information.
  • Health Visitor Information.
  • Home Carer Information.
  • White Van Man, Family Contacts