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Why Did I Design The Emergency Labels?

I created the original concerned help labels to help try to solve a problem that occurred with my elderly neighbour.

I have been living on the same street for 25 years, growing older alongside my neighbours.

We have a friendly street community keeping an eye on each other. I was the youngest when I moved in to the street aged 35, now my neighbour has taken over that mantel.

The bungalow opposite my house had a married elderly couple, the wife had dementia and her husband was her carer.

My wife was walking home with the dogs on a cold Sunday morning when she noticed the wife was standing by the open front door in her nighty.

My wife went to see her and discovered that the husband was lying on the floor unconscious. With the assistance of the 999-paramedic operator, I tried to resuscitate the husband without success.

a phone displaying the results of scanning a qr code attached to a fridge and front door. a bubble with text emergency contact label

Attach The Emergency Label's to a fridge and front door.

We Could Not Find The Daughters Details!

The emergency services and neighbours arrived to help.

The couple were organised, everything had a label in the house but we could not find his two daughters contact details.

The wife was unable to remember the daughters contact details, so we were stuck.

We did eventually contact one of the daughters and told them the sad news, but this is what gave me the idea.

phone scanning an emergency help label

The Label Is Designed To Be Scanned Using A Mobile Phone Camera.

The Solution - Emergency Scanning Labels.

I checked and could not find a simple, cheap way of providing the emergency services with contact details and information.

My initial idea was to develop a label that had instructions displayed, but this was impracticable, as most of the people that would be accessing the help label would have difficulty reading a large amount of text.

I thought a barcode would be good, but that cannot handle a large amount of text.

I checked the internet and discovered that a QR Code was perfect.

The QR Code can display all kinds of information (text, numbers and website) when scanned with a mobile phone camera screen.

emergency in case of an emergency label

One Order = Two Identical Labels.

About The Emergency Help Labels.

Then I had to find a Premium sticker manufacturer; the sticker had to be weatherproof, scratch resistant, and fade resistant for both inside and outside use.

The Call Me For Help Labels were created, the QR code principle remains the same but many new colour labels and text designs have been developed.

If the customer wants his or her own personal design, the Design Your Own Help Label makes it easy to order.

Following a difficult Sunday morning, I hope I have solved many potential situations to make life easier for everyone.

thumbs up emergency qr code scanning contact help

Just Enter Your Label Details.
This Will Be Displayed When Scanned.

The Emergency Help Label Benefits.

Carers and children can also relax knowing, that should anything happen to their elderly loved ones, medics will have the information they need to give the right treatment, and will know who to call first.

By displaying your Help Labels in your home vital information is immediately available.

No searching or other actions are required.

emergency scanning label

All The Details Are Contained On The Labels QR Code. No Computer Is Required.

Helping The elderly lead an independent live in their own home.