In case of emergency Alzheimer’s label

ICE Sticker Labels Description

(ICE In Case of Emergency)

Helping an old person to live an independent life at home.

Helping home help services and emergency services providers give fast care and support.

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  • White matt film Sticker Labels self-adhesive.
  • Ideal for conditions where Sticker Labels are subject to high stresses as well as outdoors.
    • Identification Sticker Labels,
    • Information Sticker Labels
    • Identification of items Sticker labels.
  • Hardwearing,
    • Weatherproof surface,
    • Extra-strong adhesive,
    • Resistant to UV and ageing,
    • Oil and dirt repellent,
    • Wet wipe able,
    • Resistant to temperatures between -30°C and +80°C,
    • Saltwater-resistant.