In Case Of Emergency Sticker Labels

(ICE In Case Of Emergency)

The Call Me For Help sticker labels are scanned by a QR Scanner contained in most mobile phone cameras. Order any of the ICE sticker labels and take advantage of our FREE delivery service to your home. By scanning the ICE sticker label using a mobile phone camera (iPhone or Android) relevant information will be available to the person scanning the QR Code

in case of emergency protect your loved ones

Attach the discrete ICE sticker label to windows, furniture, signs, doors, phones or computers to name a few of its practical uses, helping home help services and emergency services providers give fast care and support. Neighbours, the emergency services and postal workers can scan the ICE Sticker Label Quick Response code and carry out the stored instructions. 


    (ICE In Case Of Emergency)
    • Choose Your QR Sticker Label design
    • Enter the details you want displayed when the sticker label is QR Scanned
    • Complete your order Address and Payment
    • The sticker label is delivered to your home FREE of charge
    • Stick the In Case Of Emergency Sticker Label in a prominent position
      in case of emergency hand holding phone