Label Description:

(ICE In Case Of Emergency)

Emergency Contact Details Help Sticker Labels contain a QR Code that can be scanned using a mobile phone (iPhone or Android) and can be used for multiple purposes like helping the elderly in case of an emergency. Designed by professionals to QR Scan and display your chosen emergency contacts making sure they are informed, giving you peace of mind in a crisis or emergency.

covid 19 information

In case of emergency ✔︎
Simple to order ✔︎
Just scan with a mobile phone camera ✔︎
Selected contact details ✔︎
Family ✔︎
Close friends ✔︎
Neighbours ✔︎
Save money ✔︎
Save time ✔︎
Help the emergency services ✔︎

covid 19 contact information

Help The Elderly To Contact Next Of Kin

Imagine there is an Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency at the home of an elderly person or someone who lives on their own. Who do medical professionals and first responders contact?

How to install/use sticker labels product or guide section:

In case of emergency, order an Emergency Contact Detail Sticker Label and get it delivered to your home.

  • Choose a prominent position in the home, that is easy to see.
  • Apply the Emergency Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contact Detail Sticker Label to a clean surface without any dirt or grease.
  • Carefully peel the sticker label of the backing and press firmly on the surface.
  • Smooth out corners and any air pockets
  • Apple iPhone or Android phone required to scan.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, these are genuine, original "Call Me For Help" Sticker Labels.