call me for work how it works image displaying a phone scanning a qr code. a woman phoning for help and the emergency services attending

A Call Me For Help label can supply the emergency services, businesses or members of the public with contacts, instructions or any information that has been provided when placing the order on the website.

The discrete label can be attached to windows, signs, doors, phones or computers to name a few of its practical uses.

Neighbours, the emergency services and postal workers can scan the Quick Response code and carry out the stored instructions. 

  • The stickers provide security
  • The stickers can provide medical details
  • The stickers can provide contact information

The only details that are displayed on the Quick Response code are supplied by the person or business who created the order, this may include contact names, contact phone numbers, information, website URL or instructions that can be read by a smartphone.

The Quick Response code can be scanned from any free QR Code reader purchased from the App Store or Android Store.  

call me for help scan then phone concerned label featuring a phone and the label