This was my idea.

I created the original Concerned label to help try and solve a problem that occurred with my elderly neighbour.


woman giving cpr to a man lying on the floow a phone displaying the qr code results and a label


I have been living on the same street for 25 years growing older alongside my neighbours. We have a friendly street community keeping an eye on each other. I was the youngest when I moved in to the street aged 35, Now my neighbour has taken over that mantel.

The bungalow opposite my house had a married elderly couple, the wife Doreen had dementia and Fred was her husband and carer. Fred was a keen gardener and used to chat with me about the difficulties of managing Doreen’s illness.

My wife was walking home with the dogs on a cold Sunday morning when she noticed Doreen was standing by the open front door in her nighty. My wife went to see her and discovered that Fred was lying on the floor unconscious.

With the assistance of the 999-paramedic operator, I tried to resuscitate Fred without success.

The emergency services and neighbours arrived to help, Fred was an organised person, everything was labelled in the house but we could not find his 2 daughters contact details. Doreen was unable to remember their contact details, so we were stuck.

We did eventually contact one of the daughters and told them the sad news, but this is what gave me the idea.

I checked and could not find a simple, cheap way of providing the emergency services with information.

My initial idea was to develop a sticker that had instructions displayed, but this was impracticable, as most of the people that would be accessing the sticker would have difficulty reading a large amount of text. I thought a barcode would be good, but that cannot handle a large amount of text. I checked the internet and discovered that a QR Code was perfect.

It would display all kinds of information (text, numbers and website) on a smartphone camera screen.

Then I had to find a Premium sticker manufacturer; the sticker had to be weatherproof, scratch resistant, and fade resistant for both inside and outside use.

The Call Me For Help sticker was developed, the QR code principle remains the same but many stickers text designs have been developed.

If the customer want their personal design, the sticker makes it easy to print. Following a difficult Sunday morning, I hope I have solved many potential situations to make life easier for everyone.

call me for help concerned label with a blue background displaying the label and qr code