Concerned or Worried Contact Details Sticker

  • Call Me For Help - Call Me For Help
  • Call Me For Help - Call Me For Help
  • Call Me For Help - Call Me For Help
  • Call Me For Help - Call Me For Help
  • Call Me For Help - Call Me For Help
  • Call Me For Help - Call Me For Help
  • Call Me For Help - Call Me For Help
  • Call Me For Help - Call Me For Help

Concerned or Worried Contact Details Sticker


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Ever wished there was a way of keeping your relatives or friends safe?

Are you worried about leaving a relative or friend on their own?

What happens if someone is concerned about a neighbour's wellbeing and do not know who to contact?

The Call Me For Help sticker is a simple and cost effective solution, designed to scan with a smartphone camera and display contact information.
You add YOUR contact details in the PINK BOX above, we will create the sticker and post it to you.

Attach the label in a prominent position allowing neighbours, postal workers and the emergency services to scan and contact you.

  • Free UK Shipping Available
  • White and Black
  • Weather Resistant
  • Self-Adhesive. Sticks great on paper, wood, plastic and most flat surfaces!
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction, Or Your Money Back
  • Customer information is private and will not be used or stored for any other purpose

 Please email for a different text design.


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    • Call Me For Help Sticker Size

      call me for help concerned emergency label size
      • Direct thermal plastic coated sticker formulated with a permanent acrylic adhesive.
      • Special coating protects against fading from common household cleaners.
      • Scratch resistant plastic material.
      • Sticks securely to almost any surface – smooth, rough, flat or rounded.
      • Moisture-resistant to withstand temperatures from -18° C to 50° C.
      • Industrial-strength adhesive sticks securely to challenging surfaces like metal, textured PVC, wood, glass and more.
      • The stickers are made of coated polypropylene and have a white background that makes the Call Me For Help information clearly legible. 
    • call me for help labels offer medical and personal emergency assistance. the display shows the concerned sticker or label. helping to save time and worry. medical emergency stickers

      A “Call Me For Help” label can supply the emergency services, businesses or members of the public with contacts, instructions or any information that has been provided when placing the order on the website.

      The discrete label can be attached to windows, signs, doors, phones or computers to name a few of its practical uses.

      Neighbours, the emergency services and postal workers can scan the Quick Response code and carry out the stored instructions. 

      • The stickers provide security
      • The stickers provides medical details
      • The stickers provides contact information

      The only details that are displayed on the Quick Response code are supplied by the person or business who created the order, this may include contact names, contact phone numbers, information, website URL or instructions that can be read by a smartphone.

      The Quick Response code can be scanned from any free QR Code reader purchased from the App Store or Android Store. 

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    Smartphone Scanning

    The smartphone has the ability to scan QR Codes and display contacts or information.

    Self-Adhesive Label

    Laser printed labels provide resilience for indoor and outdoor use. All Labels made to order.

    QR Code

    Incorporated into the design of the label, scan and the information is displayed.