Premium Emergency Illness Details Sticker

One of the most problematic things for a lot of healthcare providers is to figure out what illness a person has when they offer urgent care. In many situations, the person they have to take care of is unable to speak, and thus it can be very hard to figure out their current medical situation and any conditions that they may have. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to use a Premium Emergency Illness Details Sticker.
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The Daily Post News Story

Barcode for dementia sufferers created by Conwy man moved by neighbour's plight. Philip Bellis from Llandudno has come up with a sticker which will put people in touch with the families of vulnerable neighbours A man whose neighbour could not contact her family due to her dementia has come up with an idea to make sure families never lose touc...
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What Are Qr Codes?

QR (Quick Response) code is a two-dimensional code that is similar to a standard barcode but with one key difference – it can be read with a mobile phone. 
The QR code contains a text message that is displayed on a smartphone.
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