Perfection solution to worries of living on your own

Do you know that worrying has gradually become part of the lifestyle of many people?

In case you have not noticed, take a moment to observe the conversation of people around. There is a chance that they are talking about one concern or the others. However, among the array of concern that people tend to have, the worries of living on their own happens to bring about a huge concern.
It’s important to know that this situation applies mostly to middle-aged children getting close to the moment of truth; where they will have to leave their parent to start living on their own due various reason. Likewise, ageing individuals who also tend to get to a point in life where living alone is unavoidable.  In most cases, at this point, the thought of staying alone after a long time of having people surround you often lead to thoughts as follows:

  • How do I handle a specific task on my own?
  • What happen I find myself in an emergency?
  • What if I fall sick and need urgent help?
  • As an individual with dementia issue, I do I cope alone?

The above concerns, among many others are what ignite the worries of living alone. Also, quite a handful of people see worries as a negative phenomenon, but it shouldn’t be so. When you worry, it might be because you feel something is lacking, and that is an indication that you need to be proactive about it. Worrying in itself offer some positive things in that it helps you think ahead, but if suitable action is taken and the clues of worries are left unattended to, it might eventually lead to an adverse situation. 
Nonetheless, despite the prevalence of worries, the ability to access timely assistance is one way to make the journey of living alone a less worrisome one. Likewise, there happens to be some innovative invention that has been proven to let people access needed contact or information available toward helping one with urgent situations. And the innovative invention is the scanning stickers for every emergency
You need to understand that accident sometimes happen, but the availability of innovations like these emergency Stickers comes as a stress-free option of making vital information available in the case of crisis.

call me for help displaying a mobile phone with the QR code results displaying and the emergency label

But how do these stickers work?

These stickers offer timely assistance with the availability of information in two major ways:

  • It helps you access relevant information easily: Some people might find it hard remembering specific information or scroll through their phone to pick information in an emergency. But by simply scanning the bar code (with your smartphone’s camera) on relevant stickers, needed information preloaded in the sticker easy pop up on your phone to be used.

  • It also helps other people access relevant information about you: There are situations where people might want to make certain call or decision on behalf of other; For instance, a helper trying to contact a fellow neighbour’s family in time of emergency or health worker trying to get any helpful information about someone. All they need to do is scan the specific stickers bar code with their smartphone camera to access relevant information available in the emergency sticker. The stickers are also designed to be attached to any visible part in an apartment.

The stickers are innovatively produced in physical form after having provided vital information as triggered by your concerns. Because these stickers are designed to achieve distinct instructions, they are made to have a specific call to actions such as:

  • Concerned or Worried contact sticker
  • Dementia contact information sticker
  • Health and sickness information sticker
  • Doctors and surgery contact sticker among many others.

So, having considered that some situation might not be within one’s control, especially when living on your own, subscribing to various emergency stickers made available by “Call Me For Help” is undoubtedly a wise move to make.

call me for help emergency label displaying the label and a mobile phone with the QR Code scan results

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