What Are Qr Codes?

What are QR codes and How do they work?

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What is a QR Code?

QR (Quick Response) code is a two-dimensional code that is similar to a standard barcode but with one key difference – it can be read with a mobile phone.
The QR code contains a text message that is displayed on a smartphone.
The QR code can contain Website Links allowing for the mobile phones internet browser to take the customer directly to the site.
Compared to typing in the web site address, this technology is much faster and simpler.

A QR code works in the same way as a barcode at the supermarket. A machine-scan able image instantly read using a Smartphone camera. Every QR code consists of a number of black squares and dots, which represent certain pieces of information. When your Smartphone scans this code, it translate that information into something that can be easily understand by humans.

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How do you read a QR code?

QR codes can be read by any mobile phone with a camera, internet access and an application for reading QR codes. Some phones come with this application already installed, but for others, there are many applications available for free downloading online.
Usage is simple: when the application is activated, a screen similar to a camera will appear. Fit the QR code into the screen, photograph it and the application will automatically connect you to the web address or display the text contained in the code. One click and you are there!
QR code technology is totally free and anyone can turn their message or internet address into a unique QR code.

If you have ever scanned a QR code with your Smartphone, you will have noticed that they can be scanned extremely quickly (we are talking within a second-or-two here). This makes QR codes an extremely simple way to access stored information in an instant which in-turn, makes them a perfect solution for Call Me For Help Stickers.

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