Philip Bellis - July 01 2021

Should I call 999 or 111 or 101 in an emergency?

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IIt is important you get the service you need and avoid calling out the emergency services unnecessarily.
Both 111 and 999 are free to call.


When you need medical advice or treatment but it is not an emergency.
You will speak to trained advisers who are supported by nurses and paramedics.
They will ask your symptoms and offer their help.
You should call the 111 non-emergency medical care number if:

  • you need medical help fast but it's not an emergency
  • you think you might need hospital treatment
  • you don't have a doctor or it's out of surgery hours
  • you need health advice and are not sure what to do next

Interpreters are available on this service. They can translate if you have difficulty speaking English or you can ask to use the service in a different language.


This is the number for the emergency services - the ambulance, police and fire services.
You should only call the 999 emergency number if:

  • there’s a medical emergency – someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk
  • there’s a fire
  • a crime is taking place, for example an assault or burglary

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The UK's non-emergency police number is how you can report a crime or incident if you don’t need the police to arrive immediately.

Calls to 101 cost 15p per call, however long you're on the phone.

a brilliant idea
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When you cannot physical call for help.

iPhone users can say “Hey Siri, call 999”, while Android users can say “OK, Google, call 999”.
Make sure you have “Hey Seri” enabled on you iPhone by going to Settings > Seri > Listen for Hey Seri.

If you use and Android phone, long press the home button to display Google Assistant and say, “Set up Voice Match”.

If you are at home and have Amazon Echo nearby as well as Echo Connect, that allows your Echo to make phone calls for you, you can use Alexa assistant to call 999.

An Apple Watch Series 4 and newer allows you to set up built-in fall detection that will call for help when it detects a fall or you are unresponsive. 

iphone displaying results of a qr code scan

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