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1313 February 2020 Monday the 10th February 2020know that the radio presenter Mick Coyle on Radio City Talk features elderly and health topics on a daily basis on his show so I thought I would send him an email telling him about my website and see if he could possibly do a feature.


John, Mick’s producer emailed me back and we arranged an interview at the Radio City Tower in the heart of Liverpool (UK) city centre on the Wednesday at 3pm.

Greeted by John

I was greeted by John, after I had looked at the magnificent views of Liverpool (UK) on the skyline walk, luckily it was a sunny day.

John showed me into a very impressive studio where I was greeted by Mick.I was well out of my comfort zone but Mick was really friendly and made me feel at ease.We started the interview with Mick describing the website.

The hardest thing for me was describing why and how I had built the website I explained to Mick the experience I had had, when my neighbour died (he was a carer for his wife who had Dementia), the difficulties the Police, Paramedics, Undertakers and neighbours had contacting the daughters to tell them the sad news.This was my main driving force to create the website, to help the emergency services have contact details of health details of the elderly person in case of an emergency.

I then explained the trials and tribulations in setting up the website and obtaining the correct product.

Then I explained how the Scanning Sticker Labels are used with iPhones and Android mobile phone cameras to display information.

This is the hardest part of the website so I went on a bit. Explaining why the label was hard to source because it had to be UV Protected (very difficult to find), weather resistant, laser printed and have good adhesion.At the end of the interview I explained that I created the website on the way to and from work and my main priority now, was to get publicity and tell people about the website.

Mick closed the interview by mentioning the website a few times. It was a fantastic experience being on the radio, interviewed by a real professional (take a listen) but right out of my comfort zone. My thanks go to Mick and John at Radio City Talk in the heart of Liverpool (UK) city centre for making it a really enjoyable experience.

John even sent me the audio recording of the interview.

mick coyle radio city
radio city tower
view from the radio city tower

See what you think above......

phone displaying contact details
phone displaying contact details
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