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Philip Bellis from Penrhyn Bay has come up with a 'time saver' label which could be a life saver

A man from Penrhyn Bay has created a device he believes could be useful at a time when emergency services are being stretched to their absolute limit.

Philip Bellis came up with the idea of making a 'time saving device' three years ago after his neighbour died.

Mr Bellis explained: "My neighbour was a carer for his wife who had dementia. He died suddenly and two police, two paramedics, and other neighbours who were there were, for a long time, unable to find his daughters details. "I thought - imagine the cost to the emergency services if this occurred several times a week, there must be an easier way to tell them who to contact in a crisis. "The Coronavirus will stretch the emergency services even further and that's why I have designed a simple indoor, cheap and time saving way of helping the emergency services in a crisis.

"It is a label designed to be stuck on a fridge and inside the front door. If someone turn up at a home and a patient is ill, they will see the label and be able to scan it using a mobile phone camera and contact the next of kin, friends or relatives. Saving time and money. "I did have multiple labels for dementia help, lost and found and so on but thought one emergency label would cover all circumstances." 61-year-old Philip says it took him quite some time to find a suitable label to sell as what's now known as the 'In Case Of An Emergency' contact sticker. He added: "It's taken me ages to find a quality label that was weather resistant and most importantly UV protected to stop any fading.

I actually found the solution when I went to Los Angeles on holiday." Philip now has a website up and running to promote his product and hopes it can come in handy in the near future. He said: "It is a new unique product, so people have not yet been searching for it on Google. However, the website has been designed by me and my son Nathan to make it very easy to order. "Everyone tells me it is a great idea."

To take a look at Philip's product, go to:

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