How Can The Dementia Sticker Help Keep Your loved Ones Safe?

Help your loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other memory challenges stay safe and independent!

Those with dementia or memory loss can become disoriented and may wander away from their home or mistakenly do something that could be hazardous to their health. Dementia can sometimes make it difficult for those with dementia to remember even the simplest of things, such as an emergency contact or even who they are, when in stressful situations or unknown environments.

If you wish to give your loved one with dementia extra protection and safety, use our custom dementia contact stickers to provide easy access to emergency information related to your loved one with dementia.

call me for help I have dementia contact information label

With a unique QR code which can provide concerned passersby, neighbours, and medical professionals with essential emergency information such as contact numbers of family members or caregivers as well as any other information you believe essential, our custom dementia contact stickers can help protect your loved one!

call me for help qr code scan here

Simply scan the unique QR code on the sticker with a smartphone to read any emergency contact information or care instructions you wish to provide!

Our custom dementia contact stickers can reduce anxiety about an elderly family member living alone or any other loved one with memory loss. Simply stick the sticker somewhere visible in or on the home, car, or personal affects of your loved one and protect them in an emergency or crisis situation by providing essential contact details and care instructions!

Create The Stickers Enter The Details. 

To create your custom emergency contact message, type the text you wish your custom sticker to display in the box below and we’ll create a sticker with a custom QR code which will display your custom text when scanned with a QR scanner!

call me for help premium dementia sticky label contact pink box


Scan The Sticker, View The Results


call me for help i ahve dementia label and a mobile phone displaying scanning results

24 Hour Cover

call me for help 24 hour cover hand holding a mobile phone scanning a label

7 Days A Week


This was my idea; I created the original "Concerned" sticker to help try and solve a problem that occurred with my elderly neighbour  

I have been living on the same street for 25 years growing older alongside my neighbours. We have a friendly street community keeping an eye on each other. I

The bungalow opposite my house had a married elderly couple, the wife Doreen had dementia and Fred was her husband and carer. Fred was a keen gardener and used to chat with me about the difficulties of managing Doreen’s illness. 

My wife was walking home with the dogs on a cold Sunday morning when she noticed Doreen was standing by the open front door in her nighty. My wife went to see her and discovered that Fred was lying on the floor unconscious. With the assistance of the 999-paramedic operator, I tried to resuscitate Fred without success. 
call me for help concerned sticky label 
The emergency services and neighbours arrived to help, Fred was an organised person, everything was labelled in the house but we could not find his 2 daughters contact details. Doreen was unable to remember their contact details, so we were stuck. 
We did eventually contact one of the daughters and told them the sad news, but this is what gave me the idea. I checked and could not find a simple, cheap way of providing the emergency services with information. 

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