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YYou might not like the idea of planning for something you hope won't happen. But it could help to think about what you could do if you start to feel in crisis in the future, and what kind of support you think you might want.
This page has some suggestions for you to consider. Some people find these ideas useful, but remember that different things work for different people at different times.

Getting Help

iPhone users say “Hey, Seri, call 911” or UK “Hey, Seri, call 999”
Make sure you have Hey Seri enabled on your iPhone by going to Settings > Seri > Listen for Hey Seri.

Android Users should be able to say “OK, Google, call 911” or UK “OK, Google, call 999”If you use Android, long-press on your home button to bring up Google Assistant and say, “Set up Voice Match”

If you are at home and have Amazon Echo nearby as well as an Echo Connect, which allows your Echo to make phone calls for you, you can use Alexa assistant to call 911, or UK call 999.

An Apple Watch Series 4 and newer lets you setup built-in fall detection that will call for help when it detects a fall of your unresponsive.

Why Choose Emergency Scanning Labels?

Our affordable technology can help keep your loved ones living safely in theif own home for longer, while giving you and the family peace of mind that everything is OK, anytime, anywhere.

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Keep emergency numbers handy. Does your loved one own a cell (mobile) phone?

Watch mum or dad take a call - is there difficulty?

Cell (mobile) phones can have many extra bells and whistles. Consider a more basic model.

Seniors can find excessive options confusing, costly, and completely unnecessary. Eqip the feature for larger keypad numbers and display window.

These will be easier to press and see. You can set up a "call display" feature on a telephone.Mum and dad can instantly recognise an incoming call as either from a family member or a stranger. Aging brains cannot always remember emergency information.

Make it easy for your loved one to call for help by attaching a Call Me For Help sticker by the phone, fridge or front door. 

phone displaying contact details
phone displaying contact details
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Emergency Contact Scanning Stickers



Open phones QR Code reader.

Scan the label, display next of kin contact details and emergency contact numbers.

Ideal for first responders, neighbours, and friends in an emergency.

1 order x 2 labels

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