Developed To Help The Emergency Services

Philip Bellis - April 13th 2020

Developed To Help The Emergency Services

people working in a theatre saving a life

One early Sunday morning in our quiet street Emily our neighbour was standing in her doorway of the house opposite shouting “Help I cannot get Arthur out of bed” looking in a state of confusion and panic.
Emily is diagnosed with dementia since 2008, her husband Arthur had taken loving care of Emily and now she could not wake him and get him out of bed. Luckily, my wife was walking past at the time with the dogs, realising Emily had a problem she brought the dogs back home and shouted me, to explain that she was going to the neighbours.
Knowing the neighbours, I went with my wife to investigate the problem. Arthur was lying on the bed, as if he was in the process of getting up, he looked grey, lifeless but warm. I phoned the emergency services, they asked me to lie Arthur on the floor and provide chest compressions until the paramedics arrived. I am 6ft to move a person to the floor unaided with care and dignity is a difficult process, the emergency phone assistant was marvellous and instructed me on how to give chest compressions.
The doctors and paramedics arrived and tried to revive Arthur without success.
We had known our neighbours for 20 years and were surprised when another neighbour mentioned that they had two daughters. Emily was unable to remember the names of her daughters . Finding the daughters details proved a major problem, Arthur and Emily’s home was clean, tidy and well organised. The phone book, letters and note pads had many numbers but no details of the contacts relationships, I had to select some of the phone books names and ask the phone recipients if they had any family details. Eventually I succeeded and managed to speak to one of the daughters who travelled to look after their mum welfare.
This was a difficult time for the neighbours, emergency services and close family, and got me thinking how to make life more convenient if this occurrence happened again.

The Solution I Have Developed.

The Label.
Has To Be :
Weather Resistant
Tamper Resistant
UV Protected (to stop fading)

QR Code. 
The premium label contains a QR Code designed to display contact details, instructions or information on a mobile phone if the camera app is activated and pointed at it .

Multiple Scanning.
The label can be scanned many times to display the contact details.

Ordering The Label.
Simple to order, type the contact instructions in the PINK box on the website.

Envelope delivered to your address.
Contains Instructions.
Contains a Business Card to spread the news.
Contains your personal label.
Stick to the Fridge and INSIDE the Front Door.


A simple multipurpose label that allows contact details, medication, instructions and information to display when scanned using a Mobile Phone Camera App. The labels are perfect to help the emergency services. 

Who would scan and use the emergency labels? 
The labels are perfect to help the emergency services.
Scan the label to display the next of kin, medication, and security details, saving time and money.

for peace of mind label
emergency scanning label designed for the emergency services
multipurpose label designed to scan with a mobile phone camera

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