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"Surviving redundancy at the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic."


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I am married, 61 and have been made redundant in March 2020. I hope that my experiences may give you reassurance.
It is the first week of the STAY AT HOME, STAY ALERT Covid-19 lockdown.


Get up and and work for a new company you have created called HOMEWORKER.

HOMEWORKER is a self employed company with no pay, but plenty of tea breaks.
HOMEWORKER is a charity that to supports people in their 60’s that have been made redundant living in YOUR home.
HOMEWORKER job description:

  • Working hours are equal to your partners.
  • Complete household duties.
  • Make a list of things that need doing, and try to complete 3 things that day.
  • Be mega supportive when your partner comes home. (Remember they are as worried about your work and money situation).
  • Must be presentable at all times. (in my case, shaved and showered)

When your partner comes home from work

Spend time to discuss how their working day has been.

  • Share the work gossip and worries.
  • Discuss the PPE protection at work.
  • Reassure and tell them how proud you are that they are working in a pandemic.
  • Be positive, be proud, tell them what YOU have completed today.

Create a shared routine with your partner.

My partner has a routine that she has done for years when she returns from work.

  • Walks the dogs.
  • Shops at the local shop.
  • Cooks tea (she loves cooking)

WEEK 1 of redundancy (COVID19 Lockdown)

  • We watched a film in the afternoon together.
  • Go for a walk of cycle together.
  • We always watch the soaps on TV together.
  • We always have tea together.

Bedtime, I am ready to start another working day for my newly formed company called HOMEWORKER.

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