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"Surviving redundancy at the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic."


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Simple To Use. Simple To Order.

I am married, 61 and have been made redundant in March 2020. I hope that my experiences may give you reassurance..
It is the first week of the STAY AT HOME, STAY ALERT Covid-19 lockdown.

The Alarm Clock Sounds

It's 4:30 in the morning, the alarm clock sounds, my wife (key worker) gets up to prepare for work.

But what do I do until my wife gets home from work?

  • Do I stay in bed?
  • Do I get up and do some household duties?
  • Do I start making a list of jobs to do around the house?
  • Do I get up and look for a new job?
  • Do I investigate my redundancy situation on the computer?

I’ve never experienced this situation before in my life, so what do I do?

The Previous Week.

Last Monday I got up at 5am to prepare to catch the 5:40 train to work, but today I have no work to go to.

Last week I was taking part in office banter.

  • How Liverpool was going to win the league (I am a Manchester United fan)
  • Will Jurgen do the impossible?
  • Discussing what happened at the weekend.
  • General chit chat with my workmates at the coffee machine.

Until my wife gets home from work today, I have no one to talk to.....

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Scan For Help In An Emergency.

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Scan For Help In An Emergency.

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Scan For Help In An Emergency.

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Scan For Help In An Emergency.