ICE - How Can The Dementia Help labels Help Keep Your loved Ones Safe?


(ICE In Case of Emergency)

Help your loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other memory challenges stay safe and independent!

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Those with dementia or memory loss can become disoriented and may wander away from their home or mistakenly do something that could be hazardous to their health. Dementia can sometimes make it difficult for those with dementia to remember even the simplest of things, such as a contact or even who they are, when in stressful situations or unknown environments.

If you wish to give your loved one with dementia extra protection and safety, use our custom dementia contact help labels to provide easy access to emergency information related to your loved one with dementia.

With a unique QR code, which can provide concerned passers-by, neighbours, and medical professionals with essential emergency information such as contact numbers of family members or caregivers as well as any other information you believe essential, our custom dementia contact help labels can help protect your loved one!

Simply scan the unique QR code on the help label with a smartphone to read any emergency contact information or care instructions you wish to provide!

Our custom dementia contact help labels can reduce anxiety about an elderly family member living alone or any other loved one with memory loss. Simply stick the help label somewhere visible in or on the home, car or personal effects of your loved one and protect them in an emergency or crisis situation by providing essential contact details and care instructions!

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(ICE In Case of Emergency)

To create your custom emergency contact message, type the text you wish your custom help label to display in the box below and we will create a help label with a custom QR code, which will display your custom text when scanned with a QR scanner!

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